Scotland Art Galleries Explored

Scotland is a country that inspires creativity in its people and those who visit it. The rich culture, beautiful landscapes and intriguing people have long been a focus of song, literature and art and not much has changed in more recent years. Scottish artists continue to illustrate the beauty and harshness that they may see in life while musicians continue to sing about the trials and joys they experience in life and writers continue to express their thoughts in poetry and novels. Art in its various forms continues to be one of the most readily accepted and understood forms of expression, and Scotland has a long list of art galleries that are well worth visiting. Some of these display older Scottish artworks while others prefer to focus on more contemporary artworks. Be it watercolor, oil paints, graphic work, sculpture or mixed media, you can find it all at the many fine art galleries in Scotland.

Some of these galleries may focus on older masterpieces which have been treasured over eons of time as part of private or royal collections. If older artworks capture your imagination, you may want to visit the Castle Gallery, the Royal Scottish Academy and the Bourne Fine Art Gallery. If you find more modern art appealing, you might want to try the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Landings Gallery. A number of galleries are dedicated mainly to the work of one artist, such as the Burrell Collection and the Jennifer Welch Gallery, while still other galleries merely offer a great variety of art from different artists and different art periods. The Aberdeen Art Gallery, the River View Gallery, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Kilmorack Gallery have plenty to offer the average art enthusiast.

So whether you’re interested in contemporary and modern art or are looking for something more classical, visit one of Scotland’s many fine art galleries the next time you visit Scotland. Of course, not all these priceless treasures may be for sale but their moving imagery will last you a lifetime.

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