The Outstanding Castle Gallery

For over ten years the Castle Gallery has been producing and selling artwork from 43 Castle Street, located in a charming town called Inverness, in Scotland. The Castle Gallery is rated one of the foremost commercial art galleries in the country and a definite must if you have not already been there.

The gallery on Castle Street shows figurative, glass, abstract, ceramics, original paintings, contemporary and landscape work completed by talented and recognized artists. All the artworks displayed at the Castle Gallery are original pieces with only a few limited edition prints making it the finest collection of collectable art in the whole of Scotland. The selection of artists that have their pieces shown here at the Castle use only the best materials to complete their work, which includes the beautiful framing used. When you come here you buy because of quality and not price – that is what the Castle Gallery is about.

Each month at the Castle Art Gallery a new exhibition of artists locally from Inverness, nationally from all over Scotland and internationally have their work displayed, showing the quality of artists that are around. Some of the well-known names you can look out for here at the Castle are artists like Karolina Larusdottir, Ian McWhinnie, Michael Ross, Dorothy Stirling and Illona Morrice among other established and emerging artists.

The beautiful sculptures at the Castle are all handcrafted with unique materials used for each one to get the best result. Some sculptures are made from bronze, which has been individually crafted using the Lost Wax Process creating original pieces to be enjoyed for a long time by the purchaser. Other materials used to create these original sculptures are bronze resin and hand painted resins. Another dimension of artwork that is truly unique in itself is beautiful paintings painted on ceramics rather then canvas.

The Castle Gallery is open from 9am to 5pm every day excepting Sunday. If one of the various artworks here at the gallery takes your fancy then don’t worry about the delivery process as the Castle can accommodate. They offer export services and arrange all the other details needed to deliver to clients from beyond Scotland’s borders.

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