Scotland’s Fine Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Aberdeen Art Gallery was first opened in the year 1885, and is one of the most visited galleries in Scotland. A local Scottish architect by the name of Alexander Marshall McKenzie designed the beautiful building that is home to the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Approximately 300 000 visitors flock to the Art Gallery of Aberdeen each year to appreciate the breathtaking architecture and the spectacular collection of Scottish art that is on display. The Aberdeen Art Gallery prides itself on its wide range of temporary and permanent exhibitions that ensure that visitors from all over the world can enjoy their collections.

The diverse art collections that are housed in the Art Gallery of
Aberdeen attract visitors of various ages and different interests. Not
do they display paintings, but costumes, ceramics, sculptures and
silverware. Many international exhibits are hosted at the gallery and
have the best and the latest contemporary art on display. These special
exhibits have given the Aberdeen Art Gallery a reputable name in the
art and
culture circles and have established a faithful following of art

The art collections on display include nineteenth and twentieth
paintings and sculptures with exquisite works by Francis Bacon and
Spencer, with post-impressionist and impressionist artists such as
Monet, Degas and Bonnard. The work of the Glasgow Boys, namely Sir
Guthrie and Sir John Lavery are also on display. The Applied Art and
division of the gallery has a wonderful range of furniture, textiles
metalwork on display that is rich in decorative and stylish techniques.
Jewelry, Chinese ceramic and works of silver reflect the talents of the
craftsmen of the day and the fashion drawings, porcelain and tapestry,
of the creative minds that left such beautiful items for the present
public to enjoy.

The Aberdeen Art Gallery has a Gallery Shop available to visitors,
books, souvenirs, prints and postcards are sold. Visitors will also be
to purchase spectacular ceramics, jewelry and glass pieces. The
café at the gallery provides baked goods, snacks and drinks. This is
definitely one of the most interesting and educational galleries in
Scotland, and is well recommended.

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