The Excellent Jennifer Welch Gallery

When you visit the Highlands of Scotland, be sure to stop over at Inverness, a small town with lots to offer. Take for instance the Jennifer Welch Gallery, which contains a variety of Victorian paintings from the 19th century, along with other more contemporary pieces of fine art. If you want to get an idea of the talent out there in Scotland then a few hours at the Jennifer Welch Gallery will expose you to all that.

A lot of the Victorian paintings that have been collected and can be seen at the gallery are those done by well know Scottish artists of that time. Some examples of these talented artists are people like Robert Gemmell Hutchison, John Faed, Waller Hugh Paton and William Miller Frazer. More recent works showcasing the talent found in Inverness and from other parts of Scotland can be bought at prices that are more reasonable. Works collected at the gallery include an array of subjects from still lifes and landscapes to abstract and figure drawings, there is something for everyone even if all you want to do is observe and appreciate.

The Welch Gallery does not only collect fine art but also has a wonderful sculpture collection done by Laurence Broderick. Broderick’s work is popular with many visitors finding his sculptor work irresistible, often taking a piece of his work home with them. The Welch Gallery has section focused entirely on European artists and artwork completed by famous names like Dutch artist Bernard de Hoog and English artists like J.S. Stannard.

On a whole the Jennifer Welch Gallery collects only the best, making the collection it has one of the highest quality exhibitions around. The collection is made up of hundreds of works which include oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, acrylics, prints, bronzes and etchings, all featuring a variety of subjects. The prints and etches that are exhibited can be bought and framed to size at the Jennifer Welch Gallery to create the perfect piece for you or present for someone special. The gallery also has at its disposal a restoration service to assist you with any painting you already have in your collection.

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