The Changing Room Art Gallery

If you have a passion for contemporary art you should definitely take the time to visit The Changing Room in Scotland. This stunning art gallery is the only gallery in Scotland which is dedicated solely to contemporary art. Located at 35 Crawford Arcade in King Street this great gallery is open between 12pm and 5pm from Wednesday to Saturday and from 12pm to 8pm on a Thursday. Admission is free and the displays are changed regularly. Much of the art is also for sale so if you are looking to buy some contemporary art, The Changing Room is not a bad place to start.

The Changing Room was opened in 1997 at its current central location in Stirling, Scotland. The gallery has since proved to provide a much-needed link between artists and the public and has contributed heavily to the growth of a number of art organizations both locally and abroad. The gallery is not just used by artists in Stirling, but also those from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow as the gallery is relatively easy to reach and artists know it is one of the best places to get exposure. The gallery makes a point of displaying artwork both by well-known and not so well known artists as well as work from both Scotland and around the world. They also don’t just focus on one particular art form but make sure that displays incorporate as many different contemporary art forms as possible. Sometimes a particular artist may be able to enjoy the publicity received by a solo exhibition in one room while another room may showcase a mixture of different artists. Often the exhibitions are advertised and those chosen for the gallery are selected from a number of proposals.

Currently the Visual Arts Development Officer at the gallery is Kirsteen Macdonald who manages most of the activities at the gallery. In the past the gallery has seen the likes of artists such as Alex Frost, Maurice Doherty, Henery Moore, Patrick Caulfield, Emma Hamilton and Sarah Laing, amongst others. The Changing Room also collaborates with schools and collages, planning a number of different activities on a regular basis which further serve to educate and inspire budding artists in Scotland. So visit The Changing Room and discover one of Scotland’s best contemporary art galleries.

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