Natural Features

Moors and Mountains

The moors and mountains of Scotland are delightfully beautiful and scenic. They views they have to offer change throughout the year and it is really the season that dictates just how much you'll appreciate them. Most of them are wild areas which, when walked or ridden, offer animal sightings and much natural bush and grass.

Natural wonders

There are a few natural wonders worth seeing in Scotland. Some of them
have legends attached to them. Some of them are just amazing to see.
Below is a brief description of some of the more popular natural wonders
of Scotland.


Demographic in Scotland

Demographics In the first quarter of 2005, the average property cost in Scotland
smashed the £100 000 level rising to £105,397. Even thought
Scotland is the last of the UK to reach this target – the UK average
being £162,840, the growth potential can be seen by the increase
of 58% in the cost of houses in only the last 3 years.


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