Breathtaking Moors and Mountains

The moors and mountains of Scotland are delightfully beautiful and scenic. The views they offer change throughout the year and it is really the season that dictates just how much you'll appreciate them. Most of them are wild areas with a variety of flora and fauna making them a pleasure to explore.

A moor, by definition, is an open area of land – usually high above
sea level – with poor drainage. Most moors have patches of heath and peat
bogs. However, this definition does not describe the moors the whole year
around. Some of the moors have amazing heather growth when it’s the right
season and climate. These have to be burnt once a year to ensure that the heather
continues to grow and the animals continue to flourish. During other
times of the year, you’ll find lush green grass – or dried brown colored
grass. The moors are a perfect place to get outdoors and explore nature.

The mountains of Scotland provide some truly inspiring sights. Most
of them are situated in the Highlands or uplands of Scotland and many
of them have trails which can be walked – even if a bit steep at times.
Some of the higher peaks have 360 degree panoramic views which quite
literally take your breath away. There is often mist in the summer months,
but winter provides miles of pleasurable views (though it may be quite a
bit colder and more hazardous at this time of the year). Mountain climbing is a popular activity in Scotland. The Munro’s are a group of mountains reaching a height of over 3000ft, offering a thrilling challenge for mountaineers.

Whether you’d prefer the gentler moors or the rough and striking mountains,
these natural features of Scotland are well worth visiting.

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