Artists in Scotland

Scotland has many well known artists, those mentioned below are merely a few of them chosen randomly.

David Begbie
David Begbie was born in Edinburgh and studied at the capital's art school were he emerged with a unique sculptural technique and a new visual language using steel-mesh. Begbie's art is quite different to the ordinary, he uses steel-mesh to sculpture bodies and he also produces monoprints, ink and charcoal drawings, photographs and etchings. David Begbie's work has been displayed in museums since 1979 and he has been commissioned to produce both interior and exterior installations for corporate buildings, and he also works together with architects and interior designers.

John Bellany

John Bellany was born in East Lothian and trained at the Edinburgh College
of Art as well as the Royal College of art in London were he developed the
skill to a highly personal mythological-figurative style when abstract art was
becoming the trend. His work incorporates an amalgam of human and animal forms,
watercolor portraits, and some award winning pieces. His art can be seen in many
prestigious art galleries and museums including the National Galleries of
Scotland, New York and Britain. Bellany has delivered some extraordinary works
and is arguably Scotland’s best living figurative painter.

Joseph Crawhall

Joseph Crawhall was a remarkable watercolor artist, who in conjunction with
his colleagues, Walton and Guthrie, challenged the conventions of the art establishment
in Late Victorian Scotland in a manner that saw him associated with the work of the
Glasgow Boys. Joseph preferred scenes in which animals preponderate, such as racecourses,
and street scenes. He’s works of art were often painted on linen, which is said not
to be very easy to work on.

Ken Currie

Ken Currie was born in North Shields, and was brought up in Glasgow, where he attended
the Glasgow School of Art. Currie’s preferred medium was film as he intended to become
a film maker, but he returned to painting later on. His art works are displayed in
museums and galleries worldwide, where he is recognized as one of the most challenging
and provocative contemporary artist.

David Wilkie

David Wilkie was born in Edinburgh where his career started very early on the back of
a single painting, Village Politicians, following its exhibition at the Royal academy
in London in 1806. Wilkie grew tired of his genre paintings and genre scenes so he
turned to historical paintings, but he never had the same type of success with them
as he had in his earlier days.

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