Rothesay – A Gem in Scotland’s Crown

Rothesay is the main town on the Isle of Bute, located on the eastern side of the Isle. The town is built around one of the main attractions that makes Rothesay a popular destination in Scotland - the Rothesay Castle. A ferry service from Wemyss Bay can safely transport you to a town that is filled with historical sights and relaxing activities.

The Rothesay Castle was constructed in the 1200s and is unique due
its circular buildings and iits good condition after
these years. Robert III granted his son the title of Duke of Rothesay
1398 and he was a regular resident of the castle. Over time, the
castle had
fallen into disrepair, thus the second Marques of Bute recruited men in
1816 to start excavations. This enormous task was carried through by
third Marques during the years of 1872 to 1879. He also ordered the
re-excavation of the moat surrounding the castle and in 1900
work started. The heritage and importance of this structure was
early on, and by 1961, the Rothesay Castle fell into the care of the
Today, largely because of the dedication of many to ensure the survival
the castle, visitors are able to roam the ruins and the areas that are
as breathtaking as they were before.

The Ardmory House Hotel is another building in Rothesay that has its
place in the pages of Scottish history. It was built in the year 1833, just
the center of town, and has spectacular views of the Bay and
area. Mount Stuart House and Gardens is a wonderfully preserved example
High Victorian Gothic architecture. The 300 acre grounds consist of
beautifully landscaped gardens, breathtaking Wemyss Bay views and dense
woodland. It also features an extremely rare Victorian kitchen

Visitors will be able to enjoy a few holes of golf at the Rothesay
Club that looks out over the Clyde coastline, Kyles of Bute and scenic
of the Cowal Peninsula and Arran. Many golfers view the Rothesay Golf
as the perfect golfing destination in Scotland. The Bute Jazz

is always a well-attended event that draws both local and international
talents. Visitors are also recommended to stop by Rothesay on Bute that
scattered with prehistoric monuments, forts, monasteries and a medieval
chapel. Rothesay is truly a jewel of Scotland that exhibits some of the
beautifully preserved and restored memories and tributes to the

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