The Many Attractions of Inveraray

The town of Inveraray is the oldest royal burgh in the Argyll region and was founded in the year 1648. The Marques of Montrose destroyed the original fishing village in 1644 and the town of Inveraray that is still visible today was constructed by the third Duke of Argyll.

The Inveraray Castle is one of the most important
visited castles in all of Scotland. Thus, the town is amongst
popular destinations in Scotland. Construction of the
Inveraray Castle started in 1744 and by 1771 the castle was complete.
Duke of Argyll, also known as the Campbell Clan, lived in the castle
many years, and the walls are still adorned with the faces of these
and their heirlooms. Walking through the castle is an unbelievable
experience that transports you back into the times of brave warriors
and is
a castle that looks like it was ripped from a fairy tale and planted in
Inveraray. Only parts of the Scottish castle are open to the public and
and souvenirs are available from the gift shop.

Another extremely popular attraction in Inveraray, is the Inveraray
The original jail block and courthouse was completed in the year 1820.
was the main jail of the whole Argyll region, and it was not selective.
first jailhouse consisted of only eight cells that had no heating and
water. These cells would house woman, children and men, and it did not
matter if they were convicted, insane or awaiting trial. More than 4000
prisoners entered the Inveraray Prison before its closure in 1889.
Restoration work was done to the deserted prison, and in 1989 it was
to the public. Visitors are now able to experience the suffering that
prisoners had to endure. You will be able to spend the day in court,
watching re-enactments of some of the most notorious court cases of the
time, take some time out in a cell and view the Torture and Damnation
Exhibit that displays the punishments criminals were given before the
establishment of a prison system. The shop at the jail has souvenirs
refreshments available.

Visitors are advised to include the Maritime Museum on their
through the town, as it is a spectacular exhibit of the life that many
mariners experienced. Fishing is still part of the Inveraray industry,
though it is not as important at is was in the 1800s. The locals are
friendly and inviting, and it comes as no surprise that it is said to
be one
of the most beautiful destinations in Scotland.

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