Helensburgh – A Friendly Tourist Destination

The town of Helensburgh is located on the River Clyde and was originally founded in the 1600s. The Ardencaple Castle was built next to the small coastal town, but was destroyed by Sir Ian Colcyuhoun in the year 1776, for the construction of spa baths on the site and building of the town that he dedicated to Helen, his wife. Today, there is not much left to suggest that Ardencaple Castle ever existed, but the beautiful blossoming trees that line the street of Helensburgh and the breathtaking Victorian architecture has attracted thousands of visitors over the years.

As a destination in Scotland, Helensburgh has
a peaceful town should be able to offer. The historical atmosphere of
town is seen amongst the hotels, cafes and pubs, but with a touch of
modernization in the retail outlets and private businesses. The most
exquisite example of an architectural masterpiece is Hill House. The
architect for Hill House was Charles Rennie Mackintosh and features a
beautiful garden surrounding the house. It was constructed for Walter
Blackie, a publisher from Glasgow, and was completed in the year

Helensburgh also has two very important historical figures in their
heritage, namely John Logie Baird, who was the pioneering mind behind
invention of televisions, and Henry Bell. There were two memorials
in Kidston Park to honor these two men. Henry Bell was the very first
sea-going steamboat operator in the world with the construction of the
Comet, and the last sea-going paddlesteamer, the Waverly, still docks
Helensburgh. This magnificently restored steamer offers visitors the
opportunity to enjoy a wonderful trip on the water.

The railway stations in Helensburgh also form part of the rich
of the town, adding to this wonderful destination in Scotland. The
railway and railway station was constructed in the year 1858 to deal
railway traffic from Dumbarton and Glasgow. In 1894, with the arrival
railway lines from Loch Long, Clyde and others, a second railway
station was
constructed to take care of the trains and passengers that arrived from
these new destinations. Visitors are able to connect with Oban, Glasgow
Fort William via rail.

Visitors will find Helensburgh to be a tranquil and peaceful town
that is
steeped in history but still has the capability to cater for the modern
lifestyle. It you are yachting or merely passing through, you will be able
enjoy the hospitality of the locals and the beauty of the area.

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