Scottish Whisky Delights, Trails and Distilleries

No one really knows when the people of Scotland first attempted to distill whisky or when the techniques that are now widely used first reached Britain’s shores. What is known is that the Scottish have perfected the art of distilling over a number of centuries and that today Scotch Whisky is revered world wide. The drink was so popular in Scotland that early connoisseurs named it ‘uisge beatha’ or ‘the water of life’. Over hundreds of years the process of distilling has been influenced and perfected by the various elements of nature as well as the refining of techniques and ingredients that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Scottish Whisky, which is better known as Scotch, is widely known as ‘the world’s leading spirit’. Its success in the international market has led to Scotch being sold in over 200 countries around the globe. However many don’t realize that this fantastic beverage may only be called “Scotch” if it has been distilled and matured in Scotland. This well known international spirit is distilled in a land of utmost beauty and it takes nothing from Mother Nature that she will not gladly replace. Of all the spirits mankind has distilled, refined and improved from nature’s huge stores of goodness, Scotch is the most dignified. It is a natural drink, a distillation of the riches with which Scotland is so richly gifted – fields of golden barley and wheat, clear waters tumbling down glens of granite and over moors of peat; and the cool, pure air of Scotland.

Scotland is home to the greatest concentration of Malt Whisky distilleries in the world. Malt Whisky is usually classified under four main categories: Highland, Lowland, Speyside, and Islay. These categories correspond to the main whisky producing regions of the country and so the whisky is categorized according to the location of the distillery in which it is made. So why not discover Scotch in the wonderfully picturesque Scottish countryside and discover its routes and origins while enjoying its mature taste? Scottish Whisky Trails make for an enjoyable adventure that should not be missed!

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