Amazing Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city. Situated at the mouth of the Dee River, it is known for its granite quarries, fishing industry and sea port. Aberdeen is also known as the Oil Capital of Europe due to the abundant supply of crude oil which is found in the North Sea.

Aberdeen has had a rough and turbulent history. Originally starting as
two separate burghs, it has been burnt and rebuilt, captured by the English
and retaken by the Scottish. The nearby Forest of Stocket was given to the
city of Aberdeen in a gesture of thanks by Robert the Bruce who had sheltered
there during the period in which he was outlawed.

The city has progressively
gone from strength to strength from when it was first established till today
where it stands proudly and full of life.
Modern day Aberdeen is a sight for the eyes just after heavy rainfall when its
many granite buildings glimmer pure and white under the sunshine. It is for
this reason that Aberdeen is often called the Granite City. Aberdeen is also
known as the ‘Flower of Scotland’ due to it’s amazing parks and gardens.
Aberdeen’s floral displays are so good that they have been banned from some
flower competitions for winning too often!

Aberdeen is easy to reach by road, rail and air. Shetland and Orkney can be
reached by ferry from Aberdeen and there is much to see and do in this spectacular
city. A trip to this wonderful city is well worth anyone’s while and should be
included in any travel itinerary. Why not see the city of Aberdeen for yourself? You may well fall
in love with it just as many have before you.

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