Venture Through the Town of MacDuff

This history of the town of Macduff really started in 1760 when the first harbor was formed nearby. The town was originally named Dounce. Just twenty-three years later James, the second Lord of Fife, decided to rename the town after his family name ‘MacDuff’. The name means ‘son of Dubh’ or the ‘black haired one’. Not much later the village started to flourish and expand. Its industry was centered on fishing and today visitors can still take in the delightful and panoramic views of Macduff harbor.

Situated only about one mile from the town of Baniff, Macduff’s harbor is quite busy. Many people enjoy just sitting and watching the daily rituals of the town’s inhabitants for many hours. It is here that the old, masterful art of boat building can still be seen today – whether the boats are built in wood, steel or aluminum. Above the harbor, standing on a prominent rise, you can see the town of Macduff as it merges inconspicuously with the harbor. You can also enjoy views of Doune Church. This striking ediface came into being around 1805 and access to the church is relatively easy from Banff Bridge. Or, if you prefer to make sure that you won’t get lost, you can follow the signs from the center of Macduff to the Doune Church. The nearby memorial dedicated to those soldiers who lost their lives in war in 1920 is also worth seeing.

The town of Macduff in Scotland is well known for its delightful Marine Aquarium. It is home to a rich abundance of aquatic life that is contained in a simulated natural environment. It is also said to have the deepest tanks in all of Britain’s aquariums. Here both young and old can learn about the many secrets that are hidden beneath the sea. It is hoped that this realistic glimpse into the lives of these underwater creatures will influence people and leave them with a greater amount of respect for the life in our oceans.

Another interesting attraction is the Banffshire Maritime Heritage Association Museum. The museum is situated near the bottom of Duff Street just south of the lighthouse. Here visitors can peruse the vast collections of maritime artifacts based on shipbuilding and fishing in the area. The museum has a stunning collection of marine models that capture the long and interesting history of the area.

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