Explore Macduff Marine Aquarium

In the north east of Scotland on Aberdeenshire's beautiful coast you will find a small fishing town called Macduff and there, among many other attractions, is the Macduff Marine Aquarium. The Marine Aquarium is under the supervision of the Aberdeenshire Council and its focus is on educating the public in an enjoyable way about the Moray Firth marine environment.

This is an excellent place for a day excursion that you can take both your family and your children to, as it will keep everyone occupied the entire day. The Scottish aquarium provides excellent exhibitions on the various marine animals that occupy the biggest bay in the whole of Scotland, namely the Moray Firth.

With 800 km of coastline from Fraserburgh to Duncansby Head there is amazing diversity of marine habitats within the bay. If you were to explore the area you would find habitats like exposed rocky shores, sea floor, sheltered estuaries and kelp reefs so you can only imagine the marine life that must visit this area. You can also explore the rock shore and the estuaries in the area to give you an overall idea of the area.

There are many exciting exhibits showing you sea life that you would never normally come across unless you did some diving with all your scuba gear. The Macduff Aquarium has hundreds of varieties of fish that are found locally in the North Sea for that specific reason to take you places and to see marine life that you would never hope to see. The aim of the Macduff Marine Aquarium is to expose visitors and locals in the area to all the sea life, which includes invertebrates that occupy the icy blue sea.

Something you and your children will love is the main exhibit at the aquarium where you will find displayed a living kelp reef with all the fish that would usually inhabit it. At feeding times during the day divers will take a swim in the kelp reef exhibit and feed all the marine life there. Find out the times so you can make sure to be there when it happens, as it is an exciting part of the day. To date this particular exhibition is still the only one in the whole of Britain so is a sight you must definitely spend a bit of time at.

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