Five Sisters Zoo Park

The Five Sister’s Zoo Park had its humble beginnings within the Five Sister’s Garden Centre as a side-line to the main purpose of being a garden centre. Their private collection was made up of a variety of animals and was based on the setting of an amusement centre for children, an original and creative idea with educational benefits in helping to make the young generation more keenly aware of the different species that can be found. The scope was of a distinct kind from what is found in your already established and larger zoo’s scattered through Scotland as a whole. The idea to help the parents to enjoy their visit and to take full advantage of what was on offer at the Five Sister’s Garden Centre exploded within the two years to where they are now a successful zoo park with many attractions to stimulate the whole family.

This wonderful zoo park, which is privately owned and funded, is situated in
an ideal position in between the capital, Edinburgh and the bustling city of
Glasgow in Polbeth, within West Lothian two miles to the East of West Calder.
This great situation allows for easy access and transport links such as the
train can be taken and will bring you to the West Calder Railway Station
about 0.7 miles or 1.1 km from the five sister’s zoo park. If you are
visiting with your own transport the M8 Junction 3a can be used, otherwise,
if you’re coming from further a field the airport in Edinburgh which is
approximately 9.8 miles or 15.8 km away is available.

The animals at the Five Sister’s Zoo Park now house a variety of exotic
wildlife ranging from mammals to birds and reptiles which are on exhibition. The Zoo also caters for visiting schools which helps to involve the young
ones at an early age to learn of the special requirements of each animal,
its habitat as well as the importance of understanding why the habitats of
these amazing creatures are under such threat even to the point whereby
certain species of wildlife can only be found in captivity or worse still
have become extinct due to the increase of diminishing habitat which is
giving way to urbanization. This vital education is so keenly provided
through the wonderful animals at the Five Sister’s Zoo Park in a lovely
park setting.

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