South West Scotland’s Maize Maze – A Great Adventure

Amongst the most popular attractions in Scotland, the South West Scotland's Maize Maze is known to be an extremely fun and entertaining excursion. If you happen to find yourself in the region of Dumfries during late summer or early fall, make sure that you don’t pass by Carruthers Town and the annual South West Scotland’s Maize Maze. This wonderful seasonal activity is a festival of fun that can be enjoyed by young and old and usually takes place from 7 October to 29 October.

Running though a maze of maize might sound like a daunting task or
make you relive that scary movie you watched a few weeks ago, but
can rest assured that you won’t be left behind. The South West
Maize Maze has many other activities that take place in the courtyard
ensures that visitors are constantly amused and entertained. This
attraction in Scotland includes go-karts, pedal tractors and
trampolines for
the children to enjoy. And if speed and bouncing doesn’t pique your
you can climb the mountain of straw, build castles in the massive
sandpit or
try the rope maze. Some visitors prefer to watch the action from the
area while enjoying light refreshments, or strolling around the
shop. There is also an indoor play barn available that is safe and

But it is the maize maze that draws the crowds. The
South West Scotland’s Maize Maze is a three-mile grid of paths, but
will be relieved to know that you are not expected to figure it out on
initiative alone. There are clues to be found along the way in the form
of a
quiz and by following the clues you will be able to make your way to
center of the maze, where the viewing tower is located. Your hard work
effort will be rewarded. Victorious conquerors of the maze get the
to walk across the victory bridge and rejoin the cheering spectators
in the
bustling courtyard. The maze is accessible to visitors in wheelchairs
prams, so even the youngest visitor can enjoy the fun, or assist their
parents in solving the clues.

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