Tafts of Bayanne – Investigating History

Shetland has been the site of many different inhabitants, such as Vikings and others, and indications of these turbulent war infested times are visible all over. A wonderful exhibit of these times and the people that lived through them is the Tafts of Bayanne site that is located across from Bayanne House. To get to the Tafts of Bayanne, you will need to board a ferry from Toft to make the crossing. Here you will be able to enter the environmentally sensitive area that is home to the working croft and the workshop that are located within walking distance from Bayanne House.

Even though knowledge of the Tafts of Bayanne was established many
ago, archaeologists only started excavating the settlement in 1995. As
excavations continued, it became clear that the ruins were constructed
the Middle Bronze Age and that they were occupied by the inhabitants
of the
area for many years thereafter. Many artifacts and photographs of the
are on exhibit at this increasingly popular attraction in
. As a national Museums of Scotland initiative, the
have been adopted for the Young Archaeologist Club, run by the Cullivoe
Primary School.

The workshop that is located at the Tafts of Bayanne site is another
attraction in Scotland that generates a lot of attention. Here,
visitors are
able to research past families that lived here and investigate their
trees. Bayanne House has kept a record of every deceased resident of
Shetland and family members can be traced back many years. Visitors
also access the Internet for more information or further research and
able to take home a print out of how they came into this world and
they originate from.

There is also a croft facility where visitors are able to view the
beautiful three-dimensional works of art that have been created by hand
local materials, including Shetland wool. There are many products that
available for purchase and many items can be made to your specific
requirements, while you wait. Guided tours are available, as are
facilities for groups and most of the areas are accessible to
Refreshments are available at the site and study halls that can be used
scholars. The easy access to the site and other facilities at the Tafts
, makes this attraction in Scotland a wonderful day adventure
tourists and local visitors.

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