Excitement at Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park

If you are traveling with children, you simply cannot afford to miss the Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park. This excellent park is often rated as the best child-orientated attraction in Perthshire. The Park offers children all kinds of entertainment including fun rides, rollercoasters, carousel and arcade games. It also has an excellent snack bar where the kids can calm their rumbling tummies after a day of activity.

The Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park is quite easy to find too. Visitors simply need to head for Pitlochry where they can take the road to the dam and fish ladder from the center of town. You’ll find big signboards along the way pointing you in the right direction. A word of warning: Once you’ve arrived you will probably find it very difficult to keep your children under control! Young boys and girls will go mad about the Pirate Ship while the Cups & Saucers ride will have them spinning about in an instant. The Magic Roundabout, Boats and Orbiter Shuttles are also great. Of course, the bumper cars shaped like formula one cars are always a hit – quite literally! During the summer months, the Water Blasters is popular and the Kiddies Track Ride will keep them busy for ages. If you have a slightly older child in tow, they might prefer to head to the Family Amusement Arcade where the entertainment is slightly less childish. There is so much more on offer at the Pitlochry Children’s Amusement Park it’s amazing that people only spend the day here!

So head to Pitlochry the next time you visit Scotland and take the kids along. They’ll have the time of their lives and you’ll get to relax while you watch them trying every little ride they possibly can. They’re open in both good and bad weather and are open daily during school holidays. So start packing for the best children’s holiday destination in Scotland.

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