The Marvels of St. Andrew’s Aquarium

A mysterious world with its unfathomable depths, marveled at and the subject of intense research, the sea remains less understood by man than outer space is. We are continually awed by the magnitude and might of this secretive aquarium but beneath in the remotest of corners to the open shallows lies a world beyond our comprehension. A little piece of this mystical world is on display at the magnificent St. Andrews Aquarium.

The aquarium exhibition is made up of thirty tanks filled
with a variety of exotic fish and aquatic creatures ranging from the lethal
piranhas to the toxic dart frog, mortal rays to the sharks, cunning fugitives
of the deep waters stealthy and impressive and terribly misunderstood, to the
more delicate and fragile seahorses and sea urchins. The tour lasts up to
just over an hour but permits you a full day’s entrance from 10am till 6pm
into this remarkable world under the sea. If a yearning for nourishment
should take a hold of you as you pass through this remarkable hidden passage
then Catch a café associated with the St. Andrews Aquarium overlooking St.
Andrews bay
is something of a must though beware if you’ve taken a fondness
to any of the aquatic wildlife you may want to pass over the seasonal catch
of the day cooked to perfection. Not forgetting the interesting St. Andrews
gift shop and themed play area for the younger generation who wish to rid
themselves of excess energy in an aquatic underworld.

St. Andrews Aquarium can be located neighboring the renowned clubhouse the
‘Royal and Ancient’ and the British Golfing Museum which overlooks the
magnificent West Sands beach. Clear signs within the town of St. Andrews will
take you directly to the entrance of the aquarium where an unmistakable
feature known as Laurel and Hardy, the residential common seals who were
unfortunately forsaken in different areas near Oban as little pups in 1991,
love the attention they receive from passers-by and from the observation
deck where they take full advantage by indulging in overdramatic play for those who get caught up in their amusing ways! So from the beauty beneath the deep
oceans to the array of delicious food found at the local St. Andrews
café, St. Andrews Aquarium is something of a must.

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