Wallace Monument – A Reminder of the Past

Enjoy the beauty which seeps through the gothic architecture of this astounding monument dedicated to immortalizing the memory of Sir William Wallace - a hero to the Scottish people. This magnificent building, which rises up to 220 feet or 67m high, came into existence in 1869 on the former site of the ancient Pictish hill fort in the time of nationalism that was far-reaching through Europe. The Wallace Monument lies two miles north from the city of Stirling.

On the 11 September 1297 this site became a platform for patriotic
beliefs, the desire for freedom and peace which was needed from the oppression
and cruelty delivered by King Edward ‘Long shanks’ the first of England, and
felt so immensely by the Scottish people as a whole. This in turn created
the strong desire in Sir William Wallace to gain loyalty from the people,
uniting the clans to fight against this warring King and so from this hill
the legendary Wallace and his men took on the English and defeated them in
an unprecedented victory.

The Wallace monument also the pays tribute to the many
great Scottish statesmen, explorers, inventors and writers of times past
and so it would not be uncanny to come across such names as Robert the
Bruce, David Livingstone and Robert Burns to name a few as you walk through
the Hall of Scottish Heroes. The eerie silence can be felt as you bask in
the rich history and the spectacular views to the north which harbor the Ochil,
Dumyat. To the West lie the famous Trossachs and Loch
Lomond. Going south, dominated by the castle, lies the city of
Stirling, and lastly East brings you across the picturesque Forth Valley.

Transport to the William Wallace Monument in the summer months is mainly
serviced by Stirling tour buses which are available at the Pavilion
visitor’s centre. The tour buses run between the monument
and Stirling Castle at thirty minutes intervals. For those who are visiting
the William Wallace Monument and arrive in their own transport you will be
required to leave your cars at the base of the Abbey Craig where you can
with care descend to the bottom of the Wallace monument.

The Wallace Monument is open all year except for the 25th and 26th of December and the 1st of January. So be sure to include this magnificent monument to Sir William Wallace in your tour itinerary when visiting this region of Scotland.

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