Cairngorm Mountain Railway – Enjoy Spectacular Views

One of the more popular attractions in Scotland is the Cairngorm Mountain Railway that is located near Aviemore and south of Glenmore Forest Park. The railway runs for two kilometers up the slopes of the Cairngorm Mountains and for this reason it is the United Kingdom's highest railway. Skiers often make use of this service that takes them to the Ptarmigan station. This amazing funicular railway has replaced the old chairlifts, and makes for a much more comfortable ride. The White Lady Chairlift, built in 1961, was seen as being unstable during high winds and therefore construction on the Cairngorm Mountain Railway started in 1999.

Controversy and protest in regard to building of the railway started
rise, as many were concerned about the impact the Cairngorm
Railway might have on the environment. Secure transport to the
of the mountain also meant that the slopes would be accessible all year
round and this was another growing concern. Inexperienced skiers could
on the mountain, that has extremely unpredictable weather, and cause
to themselves and others. But despite the negative reactions, the
Railway was completed and opened for operation on 24 December 2001.

The high-speed trains grew into an overnight success and one of the
enjoyed attractions in Scotland. It can carry 120 passengers per train,
reaching the station in approximately 5 minutes, transporting close to
1 200
passengers in an hour. The train cars are fitted with electric motors
they have a top speed of 25 miles per hour. During the summer months,
trains travel much slower, allowing visitors to enjoy the panoramic
and breathtaking landscapes.

To address environmental concerns, passengers that travel on the
Cairngorm Mountain Railway during summer are not allowed access to the
mountain slopes. They are able to explore the shop, enjoy refreshments
the restaurant, walk through the visual displays in the exhibition
hall or
just enjoy the fresh air and wonderful sights from the terrace. The
from 3600 feet is absolutely amazing and this entertaining experience
suitable for the entire family, as well as visitors with

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