Crannog Centre on Loch Tay in Scotland

A popular visitor's attraction is the Crannog Centre on Loch Tay in Scotland. A visit to the Centre is unforgettable and will stay with you for a long time. This is one destination you would not want to miss. Crannog's history goes back many thousands of years. Crannog Centre is a complete example of what life was like 2500 years ago. The shore-based exhibition tells the story of the Crannog people and their way of life. On display are original exhibits including plant food, structural timbers and cooking utensils – such as a butter dish with butter still sticking to it! Can you believe it?

You may choose a self-guided exhibition or a guided Crannog tour. Crannog Centre is completely reconstructed to how the ancient people lived and worked so many years ago – absolutely fascinating. You can enjoy a shore-based exhibition as well as visiting the display centre to see some of the original house timbers and objects used by the Iron Age loch-dwellers, be sure not to miss this most interesting part of the tour. You can enjoy watching the ancient crafts and technology demonstrations and you may even give it a try hands-on for yourself. For all you shoppers there is a gift shop in which to browse offering an excellent selection of books, crafts, and related items. Crannog Centre offers some special events, so look out for these that they run regularly, featuring artists, musicians, skilled craft workers and other specialists who, together with a team of Iron Age Guides, actively bring the past to life.

At Crannog Centre a team of underwater archaeologists has discovered remains of ancient artifacts. You can visit the exhibition centre displaying the iron-age discoveries. While on tour in this most fascinating place visitors will also be surprised to see staff dressed up in Iron-Age clothing. The tour can take up to an hour if you go along with the pace of the tour guide. The Crannog is also in an exposed spot so it can be cold. Be advised to wrap up warm. Come and visit this popular destination – you won’t be sorry.

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