Argyle Street Railway Station

The Argyle Street Railway Station is located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Although the name of the Argyle Street Railway Station suggests that the station is located along Argyle Street, it is in fact situated below street level. The Argyle Railway Station was first opened in 1979.

The Argyle Street Railway Station is situated on the Argyle Line, a suburban railway. The Argyle Line connects the towns of Lanark, Motherwell and Larkhal, which are part of the Lanarkshire area as well as West Dunbartonshire, passing through Glasgow. A lot of the people waiting for trains at the Argyle Street Railway Station are often going off to shop at the Argyle street shopping area and at the St Enoch Centre. The St Enoch Centre or shopping mall is located on the site that was previously the St Enoch Station and overlooks the famous St. Enoch square.

The Argyle Street Railway Station has a narrow island platform, which is often crowded with passengers leaving or having just arrived at the station. An island platform is a platform that is situated between two railway tracks that are on the same line but are heading in opposite directions. To get to the island platform passengers must first go down an escalator and then go up another before they can reach it. The Argyle Street Railway Station is very busy and sees about 0,467 million people every year.

When the Argyle Street Railway Station was first opened in 1979 passengers were able to use the train every day except Sunday. Three times an hour passengers could catch the train from Dalmuir to Hamilton Circle on a clockwise and anti-clockwise trip. Passengers could also catch the train every hour from Milngavie to Lanark.

Since 2006, passengers are now able to catch a train going to Milngavie, Dalmuir, Yoker, Singer, Lanark, Hamilton Central, Motherwell and other destinations every ten minutes. There are also limited services provided to passengers going from Balloch to Motherwell, Helensburgh Central to Cambuslang, Cambuslang to Lanark and from Milngavie to Lanark. These services on a Sunday are only provided during working hours, which is from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.

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