Charing Cross Railway Station

When most people hear the name ‘Charing Cross Railway Station’ they think of the massive and modern-looking railway station that can be found in London. However, there is also a Charing Cross railway station in Scotland. The station is located at the heart of Glasgow and it serves the entire district of Glasgow as well as the city itself. Like most railway stations in the country, it is managed by First ScotRail. The train station is relatively small and is served by trains from the North Clyde Line.

According to a plaque on the wall in the station, the Charing Cross Railway Station was built in 1886. It was originally a part of the Glasgow City and District Railway and it is interesting to note that this station was the first underground railway in Scotland. Therefore, the train station once played an important role in the country’s underground railway network. Today, the Charing Cross train station is rated the third busiest railway station in the city. It is outranked by both the Central and Queen Street stations, which receive far more traffic on a daily basis. Nevertheless, the fact the station still receives so much traffic is a reflection on how many people travel to the west end of the city each day. Charing Cross railway station is popular with travelers as it is situated near several places of interest. These include the Mitchell Library and Sauchiehall Street.

Currently, Charing Cross railway station in Scotland offers regular trains to the Queen Street station, Drumgelloch and Springburn. It also takes passengers west to Patrick and Dalmuir. The station’s line is completely electrified and all the trains used on the line are therefore electric. Some of the trains are smaller than others, but all provide a comfortable and efficient form of transportation. If you do travel via this station, you might notice that all trains operating from it carry the SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) insignia. This is because First Scotrail is managing the station under contract to SPT. Currently, Charing Cross train station sees more than 1 400 million people make use of the train station each year. That’s a lot of people anyway you look at it. So give the Charing Cross station a try and enjoy these great services for yourself.

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