French Consulate General

The French Consulate General in Edinburgh assists with all French citizens living in Scotland. France has another Consulate General in London for citizens living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The two Consulates General represent France in the United Kingdom, providing essential services to French citizens living out of the country or on holiday.

The French Consulate General provides French residents with passports, identity cards, death and marriage certificates and registration for births. The French Consulate also provides electoral rolls and a polling station for any National elections taking place in France and ensures that the rights of the French people are protected. Please note that notaries are no longer provided. If notaries services are required French citizens will have to use solicitors or public notaries.

The French Consulate registers young French men in the United Kingdom who have reached an age, which may make them liable for French national service should the need arise. French citizens can also go to the Consulate General and apply for limited financial help and scholarships. Visas and Schengen visas can also be applied for at the Consulate.

A Schengen visa allows you to move freely within the fifteen member states of the European Union. So far the members include Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain.

Anyone wanting to apply for a French visa must first make an appointment at the Consulate General. All those without an appointment will not be allowed into the premises. Visa related appointments will be dealt with during morning hours while afternoon appointments will be reserved for nationals married to European Union citizens.

The French Consulate General provides a postal application service for citizens wanting to apply for visas. They can apply to: French Consulate General, Visa Section, 11 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh. This service is only provided to citizens living in Scotland or the Isle of Man.

The French Consulate General can be found at 12 Randolph Crescent in Edinburgh. You can phone the Consulate offices at 0131 225 7954 or fax them at 0131 225 8975.

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