Canadian High Commission

Located in Macdonald House, Grosvenor Square, London, the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom deals with applications and enquiries related to traveling or immigrating to Canada. It also deals with applications to study or work in Canada, and provides information on doing business with this North American federal state. The Honorary Consul of Canada based in Edinburgh provides consular services to Canadian citizens only, and all other queries are to be directed to the office of the High Commission of Canada in London.

More than 150,000 students travel from other countries to study in Canada each year, and Canadian universities and colleges are globally recognized for their high quality of education. Ranked among the most multicultural nations in the world, students are welcomed at campuses regardless of their ethnic origin.

The Canadian Government offers information and services to assist companies to do business with Canada, matching product, service, or technology needs with the appropriate source in Canada. Information can be obtained via the Canadian High Commission in London on investing in Canada, export and import controls, trade negotiations and agreements, science and technology resources, etc.

Citizens of the United Kingdom can arrange for a one-year working holiday through the Canadian Government’s new program, “International Experience Canada” which was launched in 2012. For information on this innovative program, as well as all other services provided, visit the website of the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom.

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