Much to Be Enjoyed in Cowdenbeath

The town of Cowdenbeath received its status as a burgh in the year 1890. Many legends and myths have arisen in regard to the name of the town and two stories are most prominent. Some think that it was named after an ancient warlord that resided in this area and others believe that the name was derived from Coilltean Beithe, which translates to Birch Woods. However it was that the name came to be, one thing is for certain, it is one of the most picturesque destinations in Scotland.

Cowdenbeath is a quaint historical town that has all the modern and
unique features of a city. You will find shops, food outlets and even a
body-piercing salon. Main Street and High Street are usually where it
happens here, and the streets are lined with restaurants, coffee shops
fast food stores. It is difficult to believe that this was once a
mining town with a population of approximately 25,000
As the mines started closing down, one by one, during the 1960’s the
population numbers started to dwindle as people moved away to seek
alternative employment, or relocated to running mines. Today, this
little town has no more than 11,700 local residents, which has replaced
hustle and bustle with the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Locals in Cowdenbeath are very involved in supporting their
football team, the Cowdenbeath F.C., which is part of the Scottish
. The Central Park Stadium has been earmarked for re-development,
the 5,268 capacity stadium has been home to the football team for many
and is also home to stock-car racing. The new stadium is sure to be
more spectacular, although the future for continued stock-car racing
pretty bleak at the moment. Golfing enthusiasts can look forward to
the beautifully landscaped greens of the Dora Municipal Golf Club, the
Golf Course and the Cowdenbeath Golf Club.

Cowdenbeath is also the proud hometown of Nobel prize winner Jim
Black as well as
artists Fred Stiven and Jenny Lee, who gained popularity by being the
of a politician. Ian Rankine received his education in Cowdenbeath and
drummer from “The Skids” also has his roots firmly cemented into the
community. Cowdenbeath is a wonderful town to unwind and relax in and
explore the many hidden attractions and historical sights that are
in landscape.

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