Lots to See in Glenrothes

The Earls of Rothes relocated to Fife in the 1700s and settled down on a piece of land that was on the northern bank of the River Leven. By the year 1947, the coal mining industry was spreading to all corners of Scotland and the land that was once inhabited by the Earls of Rothes became known as Glenrothes. It was a town destined to become a popular and well-visited tourist destination in Scotland.

With the coal mining industry proving to be very lucrative and fast
growing, Glenrothes was forced into action to construct suitable
for the approximated 70,000 people that would flock to the area in search of
employment on the mines. The town was divided into neighborhoods and
historic destination in Scotland named the neighborhoods according to
farms that were once in existence, such as Macedonia and Rimbleton. As
mines started to close down, more people seemed to flock to Glenrothes,
creating new employment needs and the development of new

Today, Glenrothes is a wonderfully modernized destination in
complete with shopping centers, schools, restaurants, retail outlets
colleges. It is a community that has grown and improved to be a small
There is ample accommodation available and visitors are welcome to
enjoy the
many activities that are available in Glenrothes. The airport that was
started in 1965 with a grass runway has been transformed into the
Flying Club and the runway has been tarred. A game of ten pin bowling
be enjoyed by the whole family at the Frazer Bowl and the Glenrothes
Club, proudly celebrated their fiftieth anniversary this year.

Amongst the many historical sights and buildings, is the
Glenrothes-Glenlivet distillery that was established in the year 1878.
Highland Distilleries have been its owner since 1887 and are still in
operation. The whisky distillery is located on a 3000 acre estate that is
breathtaking and the natural springs on the estate are sufficient to
the distillery with water. Glenrothes is a recommended destination in
Scotland; a town that started as a few farms and grew to be town that
have a right to be proud of.

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