Falkland – A Town of Tales

If you are looking for a historical destination in Scotland, look no further than Falkland. It feels as if the past seeps out of every corner stone. It is a town that has seen its fair share of violence, industrialism, pain and despair. It is one of Scotland’s most significant historical regions and was assigned as a conservation area in the year 1970.

Buildings and ruins of a past life lie scattered across the
but most intimidating is the gatehouse of Falkland

that holds the center stage of the town. The Scottish castle and the
estate on which it stands has drawn thousands of visitors to walk
the massive gatehouse, with a domineering tower on each side. Some of
castle’s structures have deteriorated over the years and others look
way they did during their construction in the 15th and 16th centuries.
grounds are also home to a tennis court that was built in 1539, making
the oldest tennis court in the history of the United Kingdom.

It is in this castle that David, the son of Robert III, died a
death in 1402 at the hands of the Duke of Albany. The Stuart Monarchy
eventually came to own the castle and instead of using it
military purposes, the Monarchy was more interested in
It is said that the name, Falkland, was derived from the popular sport
the time – Falconry. In later years, Falkland would become productive in
brewing and in weaving.

Falkland is now known as a destination in Scotland that is filled
peace and tranquility. Visitors will enjoy the little luxuries of the
restaurants, quaint town pubs and the variety of gift and novelty
shops. Falkland has many attractions in and around the city and visitors are
recommended to explore the Stirling Castle, Scone Palace and show their
respects at the Wallace Monument. Some of the most popular golfing
institutions are located near Falkland, including St Andrews

There are a variety of foot paths and cycle routes for those who
like to explore the countryside, while enjoying the clean air and
breathtaking views. Between the cobbled stone alleys, towering East
hills and calming fountains, Falkland a town that is waiting to share its
and tell its fascinating tales from history.

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