Anstruther – A Lovely Seaside Village

Anstruther, fondly known by locals as Anster, is the largest settlement in Fife's East Neuk area. This fascinating seaside village is said to have had its beginning back in the Pictish era with solid evidence also dating back to the early Christian church. A lovely picturesque village, Anstruther's busy harbor is watched over by a row of shops and restaurants.

The harbor of Anstruther in Fife was a well-known and very busy commercial hub. Sadly, as herring shoals began to vanish, so did the majority of fishing boats which used to dock here. Today, the town relies mostly on tourism as well as a few small industries. Dozens of pleasure boats dock in the harbor of Anstruther each week, bringing with them tourists who come to appreciate the delightful village.

Anstruther boasts a number of interesting attractions for those who come to visit. It is home to the Scottish Fisheries Museum which will give you a closer look at fishing in Scotland over the centuries. You will discover many hidden treasures as you trundle along the cobbled pathways of Anstruther. Hidden in little nooks you will find delightful stores and restaurants offering delicious seafood fare. Very popular is the award winning Anstruther Fish Bar.

Just inland from the town of Anstruther is Scotland’s Secret Bunker. This unusual attraction is in fact a massive underground complex which was created to be a Government seat in the event of a nuclear attack. The secret underground development was only discovered in 1993.

Golf enthusiasts can have a pleasant game at Anstruther Golf Club. Established back in 1890 as a 7-hole course, it is now an exquisite, challenging 9-hole course. As you play, you will be pleased with the fine views, looking out over the beach and wide open sea. If one course isn’t enough for you, just 9 miles away is the famed St Andrews Old Course.

Many visitors to Scotland’s Anstruther enjoy boat rides in the surrounding waters. Angling tours are very popular with keen fishermen. Another option is to book a trip via boat to the Isle of May. This stunning nature reserve makes for a lovely round trip. Bird watchers will be enthralled by the abundance of seabirds that call the Isle home. You also won’t want to miss seeing the impressive lighthouse, built on the isle in 1816.

Anstruther has much to offer in the way of attractions and is ideal for a weekend break.

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