Experience the Beauty of Shieldaig

The name Shieldaig means “Herring Bay”, and it was known to be the best herring location from the time that the Vikings dominated the waters. The village itself was only established in 1800 through grants that were given during the rule of Napoleon. In 1815, Napoleon's reign came to an abrupt end, but the fishing village of Shieldaig kept on thriving. Loch Shieldaig still plays an important role in the area's economy, with the industry falling to mussels and prawns rather than fish.

The permanent residents in Shieldaig are currently estimated at a hundred locals. The area still is one of the
beautiful destinations in Scotland. Shieldaig is a
village with picturesque cottages, breathtaking sunsets and a luxurious
hotel that attracts many tourists. Shieldaig Island is located across
Shieldaig village and is covered by Scots pine. It is believed that the
trees were planted approximately 130 years ago. They are home to a great
of bird species that include Long Eared Owls, Puffins, Herons, Mergansers and Black Guillemots.

As with many village destinations in Scotland, Shieldaig also has
legends, folklores and scandals. The church in Shieldaig was built in
In 1893 the minister of the church decided to break his ties with the
church. He had chosen to combine his efforts with the Raasay minister,
together they established the Free Presbyterian Church.

Attractions to look out for, just outside of Shieldaig, are the
spectacular Balgy Falls. These beautiful waterfalls should not be
missed and
neither should the Bein Alligin and Torridon mountain ranges. The
Countryside Centre offers guided hikes and walks and the Deer Museum
has a
fascinating range of exhibits, including a few Red Deer.

Shieldaig gives tourists the opportunity to experience a unique and
Scottish village, with accommodation that ranges from the luxurious to
sleeping under the stars in their camping areas. The surrounding areas
Shieldaig also offer fishing, hiking, mountain walks, golf and lovely
beaches. It is truly an inspiring and relaxing destination in Scotland
visitors are recommended to consider a few nights stay in this
piece of heaven.

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