Have a Delightful Vacation in Tain

If you are looking for a beautiful and safe place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Scotland’s bigger cities, Tain is probably not a bad choice. As Scotland’s oldest Royal Burgh it is steeped in history, but it also has stunning views, a low crime rate and dramatic beaches. Simply put, Tain is a beautiful small town with something for everyone and it is just waiting to be discovered.

Tain, Scotland, was granted its first royal charter in the year 1066 but historical evidence seems to point to its existence as early as the 8th or 9th century. Being granted this charter was something of great importance to the people of the town since it not only meant that those seeking sanctuary could find it at the church but that those traders and merchants working in Tain were exempt from a number of different taxes. This made working in Tain a profitable activity and brought even more activity which resulted in growth and development. Over the years this growth has tapered off somewhat and today Tain has a small population of about 3 500 people. However, times have changed and while Tain might not be the biggest and busiest metropolitan center it is slowly becoming recognized as being the perfect holiday destination.

One of the great things about Tain is the beautiful old architecture that can be found here in abundance. Sip on a steaming cup of tea at one of the local cafes whilst glancing down the street and admiring the cobbled streets and striking stone buildings. Or, if you prefer something more adventurous, you can play golf, go fishing, enjoy a spot of bird watching or go for a walk on the beach. There are beautiful wooded areas and rolling hills which are perfect for long contemplative walks and there are also a number of cycle routes for the cyclist to enjoy. You can also enjoy some light shopping and get involved with the local sport and recreation clubs to make your stay more enjoyable. So book a stay at one of the many top notch hotels that can be found in Tain and start making your travel arrangements today.

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