Auchentoshan Distillery

Auchentoshan Distillery has had many owners in its many decades of existence but its unique characteristic has remained unchanged. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only distillery in Scotland that triple distills its alcohol. Furthermore, it is one of the few remaining Lowland Malt Whisky Distilleries that are still functioning and flourishing. Most whiskies are distilled twice but Auchentoshan follows their age old practice and distils theirs three times. Despite the several changes of hands since its inception in 1823, its unique production process has been preserved as a part of its splendid heritage.

Auchentoshan Distillery is located at the foot of Old Kilpatrick Hills, very close to Glasgow. It overlooks the legendary River Clyde that was once regarded as Scotland’s Gateway to the World. Since its original licensing in 1823, the distillery has been a mute witness to the growth, development and industrial progress of Glasgow. It is indeed a landmark of the region.

Auchentoshan means ‘corner of the field’ in Gaelic, and appropriately the first plant was on part of the Auchentoshan Estate. The land was sold in 1822 by John Cross Buchanan to John Bulloch for building a distillery which was originally named Duntocher Distillery. It was renamed as Auchentoshan Distillery in 1834 when it was bought from the former owners, Bulloch & Co by John Hart and Alexander Filshie. James and Alexander Filshie reconstructed most of the distillery over the years. It was sold by them to CH Curtis & Co., whiskey merchants, in 1878. The distillery was acquired by Morrison Bowmore Distillers in 1984. It has been extensively refurbished since then.

The Auchentoshan Single Malt whiskey is known for its smooth light flavor. Their major brands are Auchentoshan Select, one of the few remaining Lowland malts and Auchentonshan Ten Year Old. The premium whiskies are the Auchentoshan Three Wood and their Twenty one Year Old Single Malt. Their delicate flavour is appreciated for their lightness and accessibility even by people who are unfamiliar with malt whisky.

There have been several special editions over the years including Auchentoshan 1962, a burnished copper colored drink with a light to medium body. Their Auchentoshan 1973 is a dark mahogany colored, rich and complex whiskey. There are two others, Ceramic 22 and Ceramic 25, both known for their very light and delicate character with a slightly sweet and fruity flavor.

Companies looking for a unique conference venue for a meeting or banquet can host their hospitality event at the Auchentoshan Distillery. Its location, just twenty minutes from Glasgow City Centre, and from Loch Lomond and just ten minutes from Glasgow International Airport makes it very convenient. A tour of the distillery and tasting session is part of the deal along with an unusual setting.

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