Aberfeldy is a small but busy town located along the River Tay, just downstream from Loch Tay. There are a number of fascinating attractions and activities on offer in Aberfeldy, and visitors will find it to be a delightful getaway.

The town sprawls out from the central Square, where tourists will find a variety of stores, restaurants, eateries, art galleries and accommodation. Perhaps one of its most well known attractions is General Wade’s Bridge, which was constructed in 1733 and allowed for the further development of Aberfeldy. Designed by William Adam, the bridge is still in use today. Beside the bridge visitors will view the Black Watch Monument, built in 1887. This memorial was created to honor the raising of the Black Watch regiment.

Aberfeldy is also well known for its history of distilling. Over time a number of distilleries were established around Aberfeldy, and visitors can find out more about this at the Dewar’s World of Whisky. Other attractions in and around Aberfeldy include the Aberfeldy Water Mill, golf courses, the Falls of Moness, the Birks of Aberfeldy, outdoor activity centers (water sports, mountaineering, quad biking and more) and Castle Menzies. Indeed, Aberfeldy has much to offer tourists who are keen to explore Perthshire.

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