A small town situated in a landscape of rolling hills, Kinross is easily reached from major cities in Scotland. Standing on the shore of Loch Leven, Kinross is fondly known as the gateway to the Highlands. The town is filled with history and natural splendor, providing an ideal escape for tourists.

Kinross boasts a number of intriguing attractions and delightful activities. The natural surroundings lend themselves to cycling, walking, fishing, bird watching and golfing. Fishermen will be pleased to know that Loch Leven is renowned for its Loch Leven trout, making for great angling opportunities. The area is also a vital wildfowl reserve, so birders will definitely want to make their way to Kinross.

Kinross provides access to Castle Island, where you will find Loch Leven Castle. This fascinating structure imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots between 1567 and 1568. Other historic attractions in Kinross include Kinross House, Kirkgate Park, Burleigh Castle, the Well in Scotlandwell, the 17th century Toll Booth and an original parish church. The local visitor center is the ideal place to start on your tour of Kinross.

Not to be missed is the T in the Park music festival, hosted nearby at the former Balado airfield each year in July. This massive three day festival draws vast crowds who come to watch some of the best bands and musicians in the world.

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