Scotland’s Fascinating Genealogy

Scottish genealogists search written records, collect oral histories and preserve family stories to discover ancestors and living relatives in Scotland. The Scottish genealogists also attempt to understand not just where and when people lived but also their lifestyle, personal stories, and motivations. This often requires - or leads to - knowledge of antique law, old political boundaries, immigration trends, and historical social conditions of Scotland.

Scottish genealogists and Scottish family historians often join a Family
History Society where novices can learn from more experienced researchers,
and everyone benefits from the shared knowledge.

Even an unsuccessful search for your Scottish ancestors leads to a
better understanding of the history of Scotland. The search for living
relatives in Scotland often leads to family reunions, both of distant
cousins and of disrupted families. Scottish genealogists sometimes help
reunite Scottish families and clan members separated by immigration, foster homes and
adoption. The genealogist can help keep family traditions alive or
reveal family secrets.

In its original form, Scottish genealogy was mainly concerned with the
ancestry of rulers and nobles, often arguing or demonstrating the
legitimacy of claims to wealth and power. The term often overlapped with
heraldry, in which the ancestry of royalty was reflected in the quarterings
of their coat of arms. Many people come to Scotland to seek their genealogy,
to better understand their clans, tartans and coat of arms.

Many visitors interested in genealogy in Scotland come here from all over
the world hoping to trace their Scottish ancestors. The mistake made by most
is not doing the groundwork on Scottish roots before leaving home. The
first lesson in genealogy is to begin with yourself and your spouse, your
parents and your spouse’s parents. Speak to them and write down everything
they know about the family history, before starting to look for anything
ancestral in Scotland.

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