Horse Riding in Scotland – A Magical Experience

Many horse riders may have spent time during their childhood reading books about children riding through the Scottish and English countryside. These stories often lead to a desire to do the same – to travel to a country with lush rolling countryside where horses can canter or gallop freely and where one simply feels that ever elusive freedom and oneness with the beautiful and spirited creature beneath them. Well, this need not be a mere childhood daydream. There are many stables and barns which offer horse riding in Scotland so why not look around for the nearest one and finally see your childhood passions fulfilled?

Scotland, like much of the United Kingdom, is a country where horses have always been appreciated. In times gone by they were invaluable sources of transport, while workhorses helped farmers save precious time and energy by assisting with the ploughing and other farm activities. Things may have changed, but the horse has definitely not become a thing of the past. These graceful creatures are now used mainly for sport and recreation, and the skill of riding is one that most can achieve with some practice. Riding schools and barns provide the perfect conditions in which to learn this skill and even if you are new to the saddle, a few lessons will have you riding slowly through the Scottish countryside in no time.

If you are already an experienced rider then you can be sure that you will enjoy yourself, as Scotland is very much a place where horse-riders can take to the countryside and revel in their sport. Natural obstacles provide great jumping opportunities, while tranquil meadows invite horse and rider to have a good gallop. Riders can choose between short pony treks that last only a few hours or a day and longer-distance trails rides which may even allow you to stop overnight at a designated farmhouse and enjoy a great home-cooked meal and a warm, comfortable bed before continuing on your way the next day. So try some horse riding in Scotland and enjoy the beauty of nature and the grace of the horse in one of the most memorable ways imaginable.

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