Challenge Yourself with a Paintball Game in Scotland

You don’t have to be a top marksman to enjoy the thrill of paintball. The tension of stalking ‘the enemy’ or the joy of outwitting a friend is something that most people can appreciate. There are a number of great places where you can paintball in Scotland. Players are supplied with everything they need for a great day of adrenaline-pumping activity.

What is paintball? Paintball is now generally regarded as being a sport or game in which the participants have to try and eliminate opponents from the game by hitting them with small balls of paint fired from a gun of sorts. The paintballs themselves are capsules made of gelatin which are filled with number of non-toxic and water-soluble substances and dye. These balls are loaded into a gun which is activated by means of a compressed-gas system. Ironically enough, even though the game closely resembles armed combat drills, it is generally regarded to be one of the safest sports in existence. However you should be warned that if you do not make good use of the gear provided you may go home with some serious bruises.

A paintball match may take place outdoors or indoors but in Scotland, people generally prefer to make good use of the natural woodlands for this exciting sport. This form of paintball is often called ‘woodsball’ and provides the average player with more coverage and place to move about. The average game can take anything from five minutes to half and hour and may involve an activity such as ‘capturing the flag’ or require one team to eliminate the other. Some would argue that the best paintball venues can be found in Edinburgh and Glasgow but there are a number of great paintball venues across the country. So whether you live in Scotland or are just visiting for a quick holiday, why not try a round of paintball with your friends? It is a great way to have fun and afterwards everyone is usually drawn together over a mug of beer to enjoy some idle chatter.

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