Sphering in Scotland – An Experience Like No Other

Sphereing, otherwise known as sphereballing or zorbing, is a great activity for family or friends alike as no experience is required. Its origin began in Australia and has quickly been absorbed into Scotland as the next infectious sport to attempt during the periods of March to October. A casual warning though is should you suffer from either black outs or epilepsy, it would not be advisable to venture into this sport. Any other concerns should be taken up with the professionals before attempting this sport so that no discomfort is felt.

This unlikely modern day sport takes the form of an inflatable, cushioned
ball, measuring 10 to 12ft high and solely owned by NAE Limits Experience who is based
in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland. For an added difference Aquasphereing can
be attempted. This is a great way to make sure all senses are in good order
as you are soaked like never before. To fully understand the sport, once inside
you are strapped and harnessed, unlike aquasphereing where you are free to
tumble. Then as you’re holding your breath an unexpected push is taken.
Thereafter it’s to pray and let gravity and rolling hills play havoc on your
system. It’s guaranteed to have you screaming like never before.

The average weight will cause speeds up to 25 miles per hour. Adding more
weight though can excel your speed up to as fast as 100 miles. So for those
adrenaline junkies here is a sport created and dedicated to you.

At the moment sphereing can only be done within Dunkeld, Perthshire in
Scotland which is situated an hour and a half from Edinburgh. Should such a
day activity take your fancy and the least amount of hassle be required, it
would be advised and most pleasurable to gather some friends together where
a mini bus can be organized to transfer you to and from the location.
The duration needed to experience sphere balling to its fullest is around
three hours. Good weather conditions are essential if
a successful encounter is to be had and enjoyed by all, even for those
spectators on the sidelines.

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