Enjoy Your Stay in Motherwell

Situated in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, you will find Motherwell, a large town south-east of Glasgow, the largest city in the country. There are approximately 93 000 people living in the towns of Motherwell and Wishaw. Motherwell was also one of the main towns in Scotland where steel was produced on a large scale.

At Ravenscraig steel plant you will see the three cooling towers and water tower that were necessary components for the steel production process. The steel plant was made famous for its hot rolling and casting facilities that were considered one of the longest and continuous processes in the world at that point. Since 1992, when Ravenscraig steel plant was closed, steel production done on a large scale came to an end in Scotland.

You can imagine the negative affects that came with the closure of such a large steel plant. Unemployment soared and the economy of Motherwell declined drastically, leaving a lot of the local residents in dire straights. Today the town of Motherwell is in a better condition than what it was in, back in 1992. William Grant & Sons have contributed a lot to the increased provision of jobs in Motherwell. Then there are the call centers and business parks that have been created for the same reason.

An example of one of these parks is the Strathclyde Business Park. Here you will find Scotland’s largest fun parks where you can pretty much do anything. For sport enthusiasts the park provides a variety of well-equipped facilities to accommodate most of the sports played today.

At the park you will also find grass areas where people can have a picnic or spend a bit of quiet time. There is also a woodland full of birds for bird-watchers to view and photograph, as well as provisions for anglers who want to attempt a bit of fishing. The ground also has a site where excavation work has been done and pieces a Roman mosaic have been discovered, although viewing is limited to protect the findings.

Motherwell has its own Football Club, which was formed in 1886 and is commonly known as the “Steelman” because of the town’s history. The Motherwell Football Club does quite well and qualifies to compete in the Scottish Premier League.

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