Explore the Intriguing City of Arbroath

Arbroath, located in Angus of Scotland, is famed for a number of its attractions. Standing proudly on the coast of the North Sea, Arbroath has much to offer its visitors, including golf courses, stunning natural wonders, caves, beaches and historical structures. Be sure not to miss this amazing destination in Scotland.

The long history of Arbroath began during the Iron Ages, when it was a small Pict village. In 1178 an Abbey was established in the village by King William the Lion. Not much happened in the village for the years that followed and the Abbey began to fall apart. The Jute industry came to the fore in Arbroath during the industrial revolution and the settlement was able to expand. Then in 1839 a harbor was constructed here and soon Arbroath was known as a major fishing port. The Declaration of Arbroath brought real fame to the town. This important agreement was signed in the Abbey following the Battle of Bannockburn. It was signed in 1320 by 38 Scottish Lords who agreed to the independence of Scotland. The declaration was sent to the Pope who was convinced not to believe Britain’s stake on Scotland. Today, the ruins of the abbey in which the declaration was signed is a top attraction.

Many tourists travel to Arbroath each year. Indeed, the town has many fine sights and opportunities for entertainment. During summer in Arbroath, visitors can join in festivities surrounding the Seafront Spectacular celebrations and Seafest. The town also boasts the Kerr’s Miniature Railway which has been around since 1935. For a more cultural experience in Arbroath, be sure to book a ticket to a performance at Webster Theater. Also worth seeing is the Angus Minstrels group. Take a journey into the past at the Signal Tower Museum in the old Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Sport is big in Arbroath. The Arbroath Football Club is a 3rd division team in the Scottish Football League and is located at Gayfield Park. If you are keen on sports there is also a cricket club, bowls clubs and rugby club.

Arbroath is famed, both throughout Scotland and the world, for the Arbroath Smokies. Fishing has been a very important industry in the town for many years with the chief catch being the Arbroath Smokies. This unique smoked haddock can only be produced in the town. Special techniques originally implemented in the 1800s result in this truly unique fishy treat. Don’t forget to order a Arbroath Smokies dish when eating at one of the local restaurants.

The town of Arbroath is easily accessed via the A 92 dual carriageway road. It is also serviced by rail. Flights land at nearby Dundee which is just a few kilometers away from this lovely vacation town. Accommodation in Arbroath varies, according to your needs and budget, from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts. When vacationing in Scotland, you will definitely find a stay in Arbroath most enjoyable.

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