Make Sure That You Visit Edzell

If you are traveling around to lesser-known corners of Scotland, Edzell is definitely a good place to start. Upon arriving here it is difficult to tell that this attractive little village really isn’t as old as it looks. Built as late as 1839, many of the buildings are still quite new though the nearby Edzell Castle is much older than that. Edzell is easily reached by road and is situated about six miles north of Brechin.

One of the most noticeable modern aspects of the town is the fact that the streets are quite a bit broader than those of older towns. Despite this, there are many facets to the town that give it an aged feel. One example is the beautiful stone Dalhousie Archway which hints at a bygone era. And while other features of the town such as the Inglis Memorial Hall and the Parish Church of Edzell and Lethnot are not as old as Edzell Castle itself, they are still incredibly beautiful old buildings that are worth taking note of. Many of the hotels, shops and homes found in Edzell today came about as part of a major expansion work directed by the Earl of Panmure who set about expanding the settlement of Slateford.

This small village has seen a lot of change in recent years. In 1896 it was finally connected to the railway but it soon lost its passenger service just five short years before receiving electricity. A few years later its freight service closed down too. During World War II this beautiful little town served as a RAF airfield located just east of the village. In the 1960s the airfield became a US Naval base which was eventually closed with the result that the town lost a large portion of its population and many people were suddenly without a job. Fortunately these things are now in the past and Edzell has truly become a village in its own right. Its main attraction remains Edzell Castle which is slowly crumbling into an attractive ruin. Those visiting often make use of the 18 hole golf course at Edzell Golf Club as well as the great fishing facilities. However you would have to visit for yourself to decide what part of Edzell is your favorite.

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