Montrose – A Picturesque Seaside Town

Situated in Angus you will find the picturesque little town of Montrose. This Royal Burgh is a charming place filled with history. As a coastal town it has seen its fair share of wealth and prominence. In times gone by Montrose was filled with wealthy landowners, rugged sea captains and prosperous merchants. Its role in the sea-faring history of Scotland has come about largely due to the fact that the town enjoys a natural harbor which has been used for centuries. Montrose is situated between the South and North Esk river mouths and long ago it was used for both import and export and saw ships arriving from as far as the Baltic, France and Portugal. Today the Montrose port is used mainly to support the North Sea oil industry.

The early success and subsequent wealth of the people of Montrose is very much seen in the outstanding and often lavish architecture that abounds here. Many of the pinkish-gray buildings that still stand were once framed by sturdy gables that only the more wealthy could afford. It also has the widest High Street in all of Scotland. Today Montrose is home to an internationally important wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary takes the form of a tidal lagoon and is home to a variety of fish, birds and other animals. The wildlife sanctuary is one of Montrose’s most popular tourist attractions and it is truly a local treasure. Visitors who come to enjoy the wildlife sanctuary often also spend time visiting the sea cliffs between Montrose and Arbroath as these provide the perfect nesting grounds for a number of sea bird colonies.

In times gone by, Montrose was also home to a beautiful castle which was occupied by Edward I in 1296. However, William Wallace destroyed the castle which is the reason you will not find a castle in Montrose today. Montrose has excellent beaches which are never terribly crowded and provide the perfect setting for a late afternoon walk. You will also find that Montrose is situated fairly close to a number of other small towns and attractions. Why not take a walk around this picturesque little old harbor town and discover the magic of Montrose for yourself?

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