Fantastic Golfing in Carnoustie

The town of Carnoustie is situated in the Angus council area in Scotland and is well known as a golfing town. Interestingly, Carnoustie was previously a police burgh, which is a form of governing that uses the police to ensure the town is looked after and kept clean.

Carnoustie, as mentioned before, is a town that has been associated with golf for a very long time. In fact, records show that golf was played in the town as far back as 1527. The Carnoustie Golf Club was first established in 1842 and then thirty years later the first Lady’s Golf Club was formed. With the establishment of the first golf club in Carnoustie came the first eighteen-hole golf course. Since then, numerous golfing shops have been established to provide everything an avid golfer would need.

Today Carnoustie has a new championship called the Carnoustie Country Classic, which has been going for six years. The Country Classic gives golfers from the United Kingdom and from overseas the opportunity to play on play on golf courses rated as some of the best in the world, including whatever venue will be used for the Open Championship.

Whether you are visiting Carnoustie for its golfing opportunities or to see its many other attractions in and around the town, be assured there is plenty of accommodation available. If you are looking for something to do during the evening try out Carnoustie West End Bowling Club or if you are looking for something to do during the day then head on over to Carnoustie Yachting and Rugby Club.

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