Kirriemuir – Home Town of J.M. Barrie

Situated along the southern side of the Grampian hills is the town of Kirriemuir, affectionately known as the Wee Red Town. This stunning burgh features lovely red brick homes, charming narrow streets and spectacular natural surroundings. A town filled with character and fascinating attractions, Kirriemuir of Angus is a fantastic place to spend a few days.

Records of this settlement span back to the 1200s, but its history may extend back even further. Originally the town was renowned as a hub of weaving and jute processing. Today, it is an important agricultural center and top tourist destination. Also referred to as the Gateway to the Glens, Kirriemuir certainly opens up a world of wonder to visitors. As you stroll along the pleasant little roadways you will be led past quaint haberdasheries, tartan stores and pubs.

Kirriemuir is probably best-known throughout Scotland as the birthplace of author J.M.Barrie, the man who made Peter Pan come to life. The town’s inhabitants are very proud of this heritage as can be seen in the marvelous statue of Peter Pan standing in the center of town. Barrie was born in Kirriemuir in 1860. The home in which he lived is now under the care of the National Trust for Scotland. Visitors are welcome to tour the building where they will discover interesting items such as Barrie’s own writing desk. The kitchen and bedroom have been recreated and a museum is located on the upper floor. It is certainly fascinating to explore. Nearby is a garden which houses yet another statue of Peter Pan as well as a topiary crocodile.

Barrie also provided the town of Kirriemuir with a camera obscura which gives visitors a magical view of the landscape around the town. Another major attraction in the town is the Museum of Aviation. Kirriemuir Museum is situated on the main square. Inside you can find out all about the history of the town as well as Angus Glens. Don’t miss this journey into the past. A massive granite war memorial stands in Kirriemuir’s cemetery. Golfers can go to the 18-hole golf course which boasts lovely views. You may want to also pick up some gifts for your friends at the local craft workshops.

Kirriemuir is a delightful town with so much to see and do that you will have a fantastic stay here.

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