Have a Lovely Stay in Newhaven

Head down to Edinburgh's coast in Scotland and discover the tiny fishing village of Newhaven. You will marvel at this little village steeped in culture, history and beauty. The fisherman's harbor has a lovely white lighthouse which is a wonderful spot to watch the sun setting. Its absolutely stunning.

In past times the local people had a very hard life. The men, everyday, would risk their lives at sea to provide for the community and their families. At shore the women had to process and clean the fish and pack it into barrels, before carrying huge packs on their backs and go into the city to sell the day’s catch.

Today, the local pub in the harbor square is a friendly place to mingle and have a good time. You can come and enjoy a cool drink and bar lunches are served daily with occasional live music, usually folk or blues music. There are also some excellent local >music groups.

Situated next to the Newhaven Harbor is The Heritage Museum. This attraction is like no other. It is located in the Newhaven Fish Market with its rich cultural heritage that serves as a reminder of the lives the men and woman experienced in their fishing community. Newhaven Heritage Museum in Edinburgh include sets that have been reconstructed to visualize certain stories and information, with video displays where you are able to hear the voices, which makes this museum an extremely popular attraction in Scotland.
Also to be seen is a large collection of photographs of this most amazing place and you can listen on headsets to stories told by people who remember them, in the rough and distinctive accents of the fishermen. Also located here is the best fish market that is still operational today it has a wonderful restaurant that serves the most divine fish. Interesting to note, is that the great oyster boom hit this naval shipyard at the time of its construction.

Another interesting bit of history is that one of the greatest ships, the ‘Great Michael’, was constructed here in the period of 1507 to 1511 which used to be a naval dockyard back then. Newhaven in Scotland is a spectacular attraction for visitors to make a journey.

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