The Scottish Capital of Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is a place where history and natural beauty combine to provide a feast for the eyes and the mind. It is no wonder that Edinburgh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

Edinburgh is named after King Edwin of ancient Northumbria and it has been recognized as Scotland's capital since the fifteenth century. A long established city with many years of progress, the city now boasts one of the finest architectural backdrops in the country.

It is really the facade of
this beautiful city which has caused it to become as popular as it is. However,
Edinburgh is not just castles and houses – there are also numerous attractions
as well as interesting historical tours which all help to transport visitors back
in time. Here, you will find an odd mixture of past with present in an almost
effortless blend of time.

Certainly, one of the most popular attractions in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle.
The Castle is built on volcanic rock and stands out above the landscape. Many
Scottish Kings have used this castle as their seat and on your tour you will see
the great hall, Saint Margaret’s Chapel and the esplanade where the annual Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place. If you are present around lunchtime, you might find yourself
startled by the famous One ‘o Clock Gun. You can also see both the New and the Old
Town from this vantage point. The Old Town is well worth a visit.

Another great place to visit is the Palace of Holyroodhouse. A Royal residence for
Queen Mary, the Palace is open to the public where its long history is most easily
learnt about. Not far from the palace, you’ll find Holyrood Park – a large natural
landscape kept in tip top condition all year around. It is one of many fine parks in
and around Edinburgh.

You may also play golf, wine and dine yourself or be entertained at one of the theatres.
There is an impressive zoo, skiing at Hillend and many other sights to see and things
to do. Why not visit Edinburgh and discover what they are for yourself?

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