Explore the splendid Scottish Cities

Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city. Situated at the mouth of the Dee River, it is known for its granite quarries and fishing industry and sea port. Aberdeen is also known as the Oil Capital of Europe due to the abundant supply of crude oil which is found in the North Sea. | More...

Dundee has been established as some form of settlement since prehistoric times as Pictish ruins can still be seen just outside of the modern city. It was here in 1309 that Robert the Bruce was declared King of the Scots and also the place where William Wallace was educated and committed the first act of murder that caused him to go into hiding. | More...

Edinburgh is named after King Edwin of ancient North Umbria and it has been
recognized as Scotland’s capital since the fifteenth century. A long
established city with many years of progress, the city now boasts one of the
finest architectural backdrops in the country. It is really the facade of
this beautiful city which has caused it to become as popular as it is. |

Glasgow was properly established 6th century by Saint Mungo who was a
Christian missionary. He built a church on the site where the present
Glasgow Cathedral stands today, causing Glasgow to become a religious
centre. Prior to this, the area had been inhabited by Picts and Celts
and later, by Romans. Romans built outposts and then eventually, the
Antonine Wall in an attempt to separate the Romans from the Picts.
Remnants of this wall can still be seen today. | More…

Inverness is located in the North-East of Scotland at the mouth of the
River Ness from which the city derives its’ name. This city is quite
old and has many attractions and – being the only city in the Highlands –
it is a great starting point. | More…

Perth rests quietly on the banks of the River Tay in the
Scottish Lowlands. It has two large public parks and most of the houses
near the city centre are building in a Georgian terraced style. For tourists,
there are lots of galleries, shops and a theatre, as well as the usually
Scottish attractions such as scenery, castles and walks. There are many
really great attractions in the region of Perth and Kinross and as such,
Perth makes an ideal base for holiday makers. | More…

Stirling is a timeless city situated in central Scotland and is filled with
grace and splendor. Though still relatively new (it was only declared
a city in 2002), Stirling has long been established as a town and castle
fortress. | More…

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