Fantastic Sounds of the Inverness Music Festival

Between the 19th of February 2008 and the 8th of March 2008, Inverness in Scotland will come alive with the sounds and performances of the Inverness Music Festival. Since the year 1922, Inverness has hosted a music festival annually and the Inverness Music Festival has grown into one of the largest music festivals in Scotland, and the United Kingdom. From a one day only festival with a hand-full of participants, it is now a music extravaganza for musicians, choirs, singers and many artists of a variety of music genres.

The three week festival comprises several different categories, and is a competitive music event. To accommodate the vast number of participants, the festival takes place at various venues in Inverness and closes with a grand finale of the winners showcase performance. Ensuring that the festival runs smoothly, the organizers of the music festival, the Inverness Festival Association, rely on volunteers who provide the necessary assistance and services to run the festival successfully. Only the official accompanists and the adjudicators of the festival are paid for their services.

Tickets to the performances can be bought at the doors to the different venues. Audience members can look forward to magnificent music categories such as Instrumental, Vocal and Scottish. The Instrumental category includes solo performances and ensembles that feature pieces played on stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, piano and many others. Speech, dance, singing and poetry are included in the Scottish category, with debating, Prose reading, composition and poetry being performed in the Speech category. Choirs and solo singers can be seen in the Gaelic category; and in the Vocal category audiences will be spellbound by the operas, folk songs, hymns and a vast variety of the program performed by the choirs and singers. Every performance is brilliant and heartfelt, as every participant pours all their energy into a performance, in the hope of being a festival winner.

With the festival open to everyone to enter and sixty eight trophies waiting to be claimed, the Inverness Musical Festival is an event that is attended in great numbers every year. Audiences will find the entrance fees to view the performances extremely reasonable and will be blown away by the talented and gifted artists that enter. To experience a truly magnificent and diverse music festival, the Inverness Music Festival is definitely recommended. When traveling through Scotland, ensure that you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.